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What Is Sheetrock?

ANSWER: Sheetrock is the trademarked brand name for gypsum wallboard or dry wall. More Info: Sheetrock, gypsum wallboard, and dry wall have all become synonymous with one [Read More...]

What Is Sheetrock Made of?

At the core of an individual sheetrock panel, used for the construction of residential and business components such as walls, partitions and ceilings, is a layer of the soft [Read More...]

How to Texture Sheetrock

Texturing sheetrock can be a great way to improve the appearance of your walls or ceiling. Texturing can create an appealing and dramatic effect as well as cover [Read More...]

How Is Sheetrock Made?

Sheetrock® panels are a name brand of gypsum panels.  Because the Sheetrock® brand is one of the most widely used brands, many use the name interchangeably. What Is [Read More...]

How to Clean Sheetrock Walls

How you clean sheetrock walls will depend primarily upon the paint finish used on the surface. Properly finished sheetrock should have included a spray application of primer [Read More...]
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