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Shoe Designer Taryn Rose Bio


The life story of Dr. Taryn Rose, orthopedic shoe surgeon and high-priced shoe designer, is another inspiring example of the American Dream. After fleeing Saigon with her family in 1975, she emigrated to the U.S., landing first in Arkansas and eventually making her way to Los Angeles.

Rose eventually settled on a career in medicine, doing her undergrad work at UC Irvine and her medical school studies at USC. It was while at USC that she came upon the challenge of designing fashionable but comfortable shoes for herself to wear during her long shifts as a medical resident during the early 1990s.

Careful Business Planning

Although she had studied to be a doctor, just like her father, Rose boldly decided after graduation to instead focus on her nascent shoe business. After three years of planning, she partnered with an Italian manufacturer and a designer, Thierry Rabotin.

Initially, Rose and co. worked out of a garage. An initial order of $20,000 from Nordstrom’s eventually grew to annual sales of $800,000 by 1999. She rose to quick new levels of success, earning an endorsement from Oprah in 2002 and seeing actor Jamie Foxx wear a men’s shoe design of hers to the 2004 Oscars.

Retirement and Re-Entry

In 2008, Rose stepped away from her active company duties, remaining on board only as a shareholder and selling the company to Schottenstein Stores. But the lure of shoe design was too strong, and a few years later, in the summer of 2010, she launched a new company, Taryn Rose Holding LLC.

Rose is offering different levels of pricing, rather than just a high-end line of merchandise for Nieman Marcus. A low-priced line of $110-150 shoes will be marketed through QVC, the home shopping TV network, while another set of $150-320 merchandise will be moved through department stores such as Macy’s. Based on her now firmly established reputation, Rose has been able to quickly and easily find buyers for her new lines, which have names like Haute Footure. She is also once again partnered with Schottenstein Stores in her new venture.




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