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Where Does Silk Come From?

Silk, a natural fiber, is harvested from the cocoons of a moth caterpillar called the mulberry silkworm.   The People’s Republic of China produces the most silk globally. [Read More...]

Is Silk Flammable?

ANSWER: Silk IS flammable More Info: All fabrics, including silk, can burn.  However, some fabrics are more combustible than others are.  For example, untreated silk and [Read More...]

How Is Silk Fabric Made?

Silk fabric is made by unwinding the threads of the cocoons spun by the Bombyx mori, also known as the mulberry silk moth. Individuals then spin the threads into cloth or [Read More...]

Does Silk Burn?

ANSWER: Silk DOES burn when a flame is held to it. Most textiles will burn readily, but silk only burns while a flame is held to it. Genuine silk fibers shrink from the flame [Read More...]

Can You Machine Wash Silk?

If you are wondering whether or not you can machine wash silk, the answer is it depends on the type and quality of the silk, the color and dye process used, and on the model [Read More...]

Can You Iron a Silk Tie?

ANSWER: You should NOT iron a silk tie.   More Info: Many high-quality silk ties are manufactured with rolled edges that give the tie a fuller more supple appearance.  [Read More...]

Can Silk Be Ironed?

Answer: Silk CAN be ironed. More Info: Silk is a delicate fabric and must be ironed with caution.  Many who own silk garments find that a small hand steamer is easier to use [Read More...]

Does Silk Shrink?

ANSWER: Silk DOES shrink. More Info: Although most silk fabrics are hand washable, they can shrink when washed in warm water. Why Does Silk Shrink? Silk does not shrink for [Read More...]

Can Silk Get Wet?

ANSWER: Silk CAN get wet. More Info: It is okay if silk fabrics get wet.  In fact, the recommended laundering method for silk is hand washing in a bucket of lukewarm water. [Read More...]

Does Water Damage Silk?

ANSWER: Water does not damage silk, but there are cases when you absolutely shouldn’t use water on a silk garment. More Info:  Though water does not itself cause [Read More...]

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