Steps to Filling Out a Blank Check

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For many people that are new to the banking world, writing a check can be a fairly confusing process. The fact is, writing a check is extremely easy once you learn the process.


First, date the check. You'll see that the spot for the date is in the upper-right corner of the check, usually right above the end of the "Pay to the Order Of" line.


Next, you'll want to fill out the "Pay to the Order Of" line on the check. It's important that you know exactly who the check will be paid out to, as many banks won't cash checks if this line is not filled out correctly.


Under the "Pay to the Order Of" line, you will see a blank line, followed by the word "Dollars." On this line, you must write out the amount of money the check is worth in text format.

"$" BOX

The '$" box, which is usually located right above the word "Dollars" is where you will write out the amount of money the check is worth in number format ie: 100, or 100.50.


The memo line on the bottom-left portion of the check is optional, although it allows you to record exactly what the check is for.


Finally, it's time to throw down your signature on the "signed" line.


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