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Structured Interview Questions


Structured interview questions are straightforward questions asked to the interviewee to find out their specific skills in regards to the position that they are applying for. Also known as a pattern interview, the questions are asked in sequence and are used in the same manner in all interviews given for the position. This is a fair way for the interviewer to have the ability to compare each individual by assessing their skills and decide what candidate will bring the most to the position.

A structured interview asks thought provoking questions regarding skills such as communication skills, verbal skills, honesty, time management, behavioral and educational background.

Team Collaboration

When building a structured interview, the interviewer may wish to collaborate with other managers to produce questions that pertain to the position being hired for. A list of key elements required for the position and a job analysis will need to be done before the interview questions are completed. A decision on what your ideal candidate would be will also aid in processing the structured interview.

Rating Scale

A rating scale may be used to score each individual fairly and accurately. The interviewer may also jot down notes about the candidate to use as reference during the decision process. A rating scale of 9 point, 7 point or 5 point can be used to define the levels of performance during the interview process.

Advantages of a Structured Interview

There are quite a few advantages to using structured interview questions. Having a set way of doing an interview maximizes the time and expense spent interviewing candidates for the job by having all of the questions pre-written. It ensures equal opportunity for every candidate because all candidates are asked the same set of questions, instead of random questions. The questions are legitimate and reliable because they have been researched and analyzed to ensure that they are important to the open position.

A few example topics that a standard interview may include are communication skills, assessment, networking, facilitation of services and an education/training background.

When a structured interview is done well, it can be a great way to receive honest answers from the interviewee and will give insight on how a candidate will act when approached with a thought provoking question or scenario.



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