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Structured Interview Tips


Many companies, when hiring, will conduct a structured interview to screen potential job candidates.  In this type of interview all candidates are asked standard set of question making it easier for the interviewer to evaluate and compare potential candidates. Here are tips to handle a structured interview with poise.

Do Your Homework

Prior to your structured interview, research the company, and position you are interviewing for. Find the company’s website and study everything you can about the company including financial statements if available. The research information you find, will allow you to bring up key points related to current projects during the structured interview. Having a general overview of the company will help your ability to answer structured questions and emphasize your interest in the company.

Practice Makes Perfect

The key to a structured interview is practicing your response to the questions that may be answered. Research the potential questions that may show up during a structured interview. The questions are standardized, and should be similar to other structured interview questionnaires. Practice your response to these questions, while incorporating the research you have found about the company. Rehearing the responses you will give to the questions, will provide additional composure during the standardized interview.

There is No Right Answer

During a structure interview, you will be presented with questions such as, “Where do you want to be in 10 years?” There is no correct answer to this question. Chemistry plays a huge part in your response. Proper answers to structured questions will not make you more marketable than another candidate. If the hiring manager and you do not click, then you may lose the interview. The questions in a structured interview are designed to make the interviewee think. It is okay to pause for a moment after the question is read to analyze your response. Project a positive attitude when responding to questions. Twisting the answers in a manner that reflects your enthusiasm for the job and the company will score much better.


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