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Business Dress

How to Pack a Dress Shirt

If you need to pack dress shirts for a trip the last thing you want is to open the suitcase at your destination to find it a mass of wrinkles. Traveling is likely the least [Read More...]

Business Professional Attire

Business professional attire is required by some companies that feel the image of its employees also represents the image of the company. Put your most professional foot [Read More...]

Business Casual Dress

A standardized business casual dress code would definitely end much confusion for many people. What clothing one company considers acceptable attire, may be deemed [Read More...]

Business Formal Attire

Business formal attire is a phrase that is interpreted several different ways. The key to knowing what to wear to a formal business function is to understand the level of [Read More...]

How to Tuck in a Dress Shirt

It might seem like a question that a thirteen-year-old boy would ask before going to his first formal dance, but there really is a proper method to tuck in a dress shirt that [Read More...]

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