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What Is a Cirrus Cloud?

Cirrus clouds are thin, feathery, upper-level clouds. They form at extremely high altitudes, usually 20,000 feet or more.  At this altitude, the temperature is quite low, [Read More...]

What Clouds Produce Rain?

ANSWER: The clouds that produce rain are cumulonimbus and nimbostratus clouds.  Stratus clouds can produce precipitation in the form of drizzle. More Info: At any time [Read More...]

What Are Clouds Made Out of?

ANSWER: Clouds are primarily made out of water vapor and condensation nuclei. How Clouds Form? Water in clouds actually exists in two states, liquid and gas, and can also [Read More...]

How Do Stratus Clouds Form?

If stratus clouds are layering the sky, it’s likely to be a gray and overcast time of day. Generally forming below 6,000 feet (about 1,830 m), stratus clouds are thin [Read More...]

How Do Clouds Form?

Clouds form when humid air rises and cools, creating a pocket of air that is supersaturated with water vapor (1). As simple as it may seem, cloud formation requires a precise [Read More...]

Do Clouds Move?

ANSWER: Clouds DO move. Contrary to what some people believe, clouds do move.  Some people theorize that the movement of the clouds is actually an optical illusion caused by [Read More...]

Do Clouds Block UV?

ANSWER: Clouds do not significantly block UV. More Info: This is a dangerous myth, and many people who have gone without sunscreen on a cloudy day regret having believed it. [Read More...]
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