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Can Concrete Be Recycled?

ANSWER: Concrete CAN be recycled. More Info: Not only can concrete be recycled, it can save you considerable money on your construction project in hauling and disposing [Read More...]

Does Concrete Burn Skin?

ANSWER: Concrete DOES burn skin. It is the cement in concrete that can cause serious skin burns. An average of 71% of all serious cement burns occur on the jobsite. But many [Read More...]

Can You Resurface Concrete?

ANSWER: You CAN resurface concrete. More Info: As long as your concrete is in good condition to begin with, it can be resurfaced.  Minor cracks can be repaired prior to [Read More...]

Can Termites Eat Concrete?

ANSWER: Termites do not eat concrete. More Info: It is a common myth that termites eat concrete and their defensive fluids dissolve holes in concrete.  When a termite is [Read More...]

Can Water Damage Concrete?

ANSWER: Water CAN damage concrete. More Info: Considering only concrete that has already set and gone through the normal settling process, which will result in cracking no [Read More...]
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