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Can You Recycle Cotton?

ANSWER: Yes, you can recycle cotton. More Info: Cotton can be recycled and made into a variety of new items such as cotton fiber insulation. Why Recycle Your Cotton? In the [Read More...]

Can You Dye Cotton?

ANSWER: You CAN dye cotton. More Info: In fact, cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to dye especially if it is not treated. The best dyes to use for cotton fabric are [Read More...]

Can You Iron Cotton?

ANSWER: Yes, you can iron cotton. More Info: Cotton fabric garments readily wrinkle so ironing will likely be necessary.  The best way to iron cotton is to iron when the [Read More...]

Does Egyptian Cotton Shrink?

ANSWER: Egyptian cotton DOES shrink. All natural fibers will shrink including Egyptian cotton.  Make sure that you either purchase your item larger with this in mind.  Many [Read More...]

Does Organic Cotton Shrink?

ANSWER: Yes, organic cotton does shrink. More Info: All cotton that is not treated or preshrunk will shrink including organic cotton.  Many manufacturers of organic cotton [Read More...]

Where Does Cotton Grow?

ANSWER:  Cotton grows in warm climates and can be grown between the latitudes of 30°N to 30°S. More Info:  In the tropics, cotton grows on a tree-like perennial.  In [Read More...]

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