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Does It Work?

Do Detox Body Wraps Work?

The claims surrounding detox body wraps are rather extraordinary. Supporters promote them for everything from increasing metabolic activity to boosting immune function. [Read More...]

Do Body Wraps Work?

With all the attention body wraps have been getting in the health and beauty industries, it’s natural to wonder, “Do body wraps work?” The answer is [Read More...]

Does Laser Resurfacing Work?

Yes, laser resurfacing does work to make the skin look younger, tighter and cleaner but only to a certain extent. According to the American Dermatological Society, laser [Read More...]

Does A Glycolic Peel Work?

ANSWER: Yes, glycolic peels do work.   Sun Damage and Aging Glycolic acid is used in what are called as “superficial chemical peels”. If you are seeking to treat [Read More...]
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