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Is It Fatal?

Can You Die from Shingles?

ANSWER: Though rare, you CAN die from shingles. More Info: The Varicella-zoster virus is responsible for both chickenpox and shingles.  When first infected with the [Read More...]

Is Narcolepsy Fatal?

ANSWER: As a disease, narcolepsy is not fatal but many of the characteristics of this condition are. What is Narcolepsy? Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that affects [Read More...]

Can Gout Be Fatal?

ANSWER: Gout is not directly fatal. However, it can lead to serious illness if left untreated. More Info: Gout is the result of accumulation of uric acid crystals in soft [Read More...]

Can Pneumonia Be Fatal?

ANSWER:  Pneumonia CAN be fatal. More Info: Pneumonia is responsible for more than one million hospitalizations each year, 5% of which will result in death.  Young children [Read More...]

Can Bronchitis Be Fatal?

ANSWER:   Bronchitis CAN be fatal. More Info: According to the Centers for Disease Control bronchitis accounted for 639 deaths in the US in 2009. [“FASTSTATS – [Read More...]

Are Kidney Stones Fatal?

ANSWER: Generally, kidney stones are NOT fatal, but the condition introduces the threat of two potentially fatal complications.  More Info: Between 8-10 percent of North [Read More...]
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