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Do Warts Have Roots?

ANSWER: Warts do not have roots. More Info: Warts that have little black dots in the center are often referred to as “seed” warts.  Many believe that this darkened [Read More...]

Are Warts Genetic?

ANSWER: Warts are not genetic. Many warts, such as genital warts, are usually transmitted by means of human contact and are therefore not genetic. Genital warts are also [Read More...]

Do Warts Bleed?

ANSWER: Warts DO bleed. More Info: A little bleeding is normal and not a cause for patient concern. But if the bleeding is excessive and-or cannot be stemmed by light [Read More...]

What Causes Warts

Many people are curious as to what causes warts since they are one of the more common medical issues encountered in daily life, and if there is any difference in the [Read More...]

How to Remove Common Warts

Knowing how to remove common warts is information that can certainly prove useful for the estimated 20-40 million Americans that have warts at a given point in time, since [Read More...]

How Do You Get Warts?

ANSWER: You get warts by coming in contact with the human papillomavirus (HPV) that caused them. What Causes Warts? Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus.  The virus [Read More...]

Does Garlic Work for Warts?

ANSWER: Garlic DOES work for warts. More Info: Preliminary research is showing promise that garlic does work for warts.  In a study published in the International Journal of [Read More...]
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