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Wasp Sting Home Remedy

For as long as bees have been stinging humans, victims have devised a myriad of folk remedies to treat the pain and swelling.  Most home remedies are innocuous, but [Read More...]

Wasp Life Cycle

There are several different types of wasps, including yellow jackets, which are the most common members of the Vespidae family. The life cycle begins with a queen who [Read More...]

Can Wasps Smell?

ANSWER: Wasps can smell. The sense of smell enjoyed by wasps is so remarkably well attuned that researchers in Georgia have been able to train one species, the Microplitis [Read More...]

Types of Wasps in the US

Wasps are often misidentified as bees. The easiest way to identify a wasp correctly is to look for these basic characteristics: Two pairs of wings Stinger (only in females) [Read More...]

How to Get Rid of Wasps

Wasps are aggressive insects that like to build nests near people and can be a major nuisance if left unchecked. Fortunately, getting rid of wasps on your properly is a [Read More...]

Where Do Wasps Live?

Wasps live in nests constructed of different materials depending on the species. More Info: The typical home of the wasp is known as a “nest”, not to be confused [Read More...]
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