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Texting Shorthand


The pros and cons of using texting shorthand have been a source of controversy for the past two decades. Between computer instant messaging and cell phone texting, trillions of text messages are sent annually. Most text messages contain some texting shorthand. Due to its popularity, texting and texting shorthand are having a major impact on all levels of the global society.

(See Common Texting Abbreviations)


Many people use the term “texting shorthand” interchangeably with the term “texting abbreviation.” However, texting abbreviations are only a segment of texting shorthand. In the 21st century, shorthand normally refers to the combination of typed abbreviations, initialism, symbols, and acronyms used to represent words, phrases, and letters while texting messages. Texting shorthand is used by the majority of people who communicate through computers or cell phones.


Used appropriately, texting shorthand can increase a company’s efficiency and productivity. Texting allows people to communicate in a manner that is less intrusive than other methods. Moreover, texting and its shorthand lingo can help people stay in contact with others while one or more parties of the conversation are mobile.

Using shorthand for brief messages can save a person time, energy, and money while running errands. Using texting enables students or employees to collaborate on projects at any time. Moreover, texting shorthand can be used by people of all ages and backgrounds for a variety of occasions. Additionally, texting shorthand makes it possible for the hearing-impaired to communicate with others by phone.

Shorthand makes texting and communication more fun for young adults and teenagers. This encourages them to become more socially interactive with their peers. Shorthand may inspire creativity. It can be very pragmatic, and encourages a person to express a thought without being verbose.


Used inappropriately, texting shorthand can cause embarrassment and other dire consequences. Using texting shorthand for the wrong applications or at the wrong time may make a person seem illiterate or irresponsible.

Texting shorthand may make texting too easy to do for people who find texting addictive. Numerous injuries and deaths due to being distracted while involved in texting have been reported. Shorthand makes sending text messages fast and easy to do. This may encourage some people to do so at inappropriate times. Many schools and businesses are reporting increasing problems with disruptions due to texting. Texting is not suitable for certain occasions.

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