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The Weight Effects of Carbonation in Water


Everyone has heard the fuss about getting enough water to drink. Humans require extensive amounts of hydrating fluids in order for their bodily functions to operate properly, but most people find the prospect of chugging cup after cup of tasteless water rather unappealing. Many people turn to more exciting drinks, such as carbonated water, to meet their recommended  eight glasses of fluids per day. But rumors abound that this beverage is not as healthy as one might think. Could carbonated water actually cause weight gain?

The Effects of Carbonation

The rumor that the carbonation in carbonated water can cause bloating and weight gain is simply false. The carbonation itself is harmless. To add fizzy bubbles into carbonated water or soda, carbon gas is infused into the liquid, and this gas is harmless to human metabolism. Additionally, carbon gas can have the effect of making one feel fuller, which could actually assist in weight loss efforts. Therefore, drinking pure carbonated water is an excellent way to meet one’s recommended daily amount of fluids.

Other Additives in the Water

However, while carbonated water itself is completely harmless and possibly beneficial to one’s health, most people don’t drink the water in its pure form. The most common source of carbonated water is soda, which is obviously detrimental to one’s health. Regular soda has an atrocious amount of sugar and calories. Even diet soda, with zero calories per serving, contains the potentially dangerous sugar substitute aspartame. There are some flavored carbonated water beverages that are a bit healthier; one simply has to check the drink’s sodium content and type of sweetener to determine whether the beverage would be a viable option. When the wrong additives are mixed into carbonated water, it can indeed cause weight gain.

The Bottom Line

If one wishes to drink carbonated water only to enjoy its fun, fizzy texture, drinking plain carbonated water is a healthy habit that will not cause weight gain. One must simply take caution when choosing flavored carbonated water beverages. By checking nutritional labels for unhealthy sodium or sweeteners, one can easily incorporate carbonated water into their healthy diet.

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