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Time Management Techniques in the Workplace


Teaching time management skills to other employees can be an essential tool to guarantee that time is spent practically and wisely to get things done. Without practical time management you may have employees that are struggling to get projects done by a deadline, or getting essential work finished by the days end. Teaching them the skills that they need to manage their time can improve their work performance drastically.

Keep a Log

When you first begin teaching time management, have your employee keep a log for a week of every thing they do throughout the day. Then have them analyze the log they have kept and look for any time that was wasted throughout each day and how much that wasted time can add up to. If you keep the wasted time to a minimal then you can use that time for doing something useful.

Talk to them about basic time management tips and how to organize their time wisely, while eliminating useless time wasters throughout the day.

Set Goals

Teach them to set goals each day and to prioritize things between what is important and what is urgent. Teach them the difference between those two words. Important tasks may be things that will lead you to your goal, but they are not always urgent.

Once they have set their goals for the day, teach them to make a plan for achieving those goals. Look ahead for possible crises and conflicts that may arise throughout the day and be prepared for delays.

Schedule Time for Tasks

Schedule time for each task that needs to be done. If you have a specific time that a certain task is to be finished, be sure to finish it at that time. Having a set time and plan of action helps to organize tasks so that you will be sure to have them finished in a timely manner, instead of just thinking of what needs to be done all day.

The main goal of time management is to help people refocus their mind and give the majority of their attention to the things that are most important. It also helps to eliminate burn out and stress because there will be no need to worry about getting everything accomplished on time. If you eliminate wasted time, more useful things will come out of it in the end.



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