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Transient Insomnia Causes Treatments and Side Effects

Transient Insomnia Causes Treatments and Side Effects


Per its name, transient insomnia is the opposite of chronic insomnia. It is a temporary rather than permanent affliction, brought on usually by any number of different factors such as illness, injury, grieving or being fired from a job. But it’s not necessarily a momentous, life-changing event that needs to be the culprit in these case. Even something as simple as an upcoming college exam or jet lag can do the trick, as any student or frequent business traveler can attest.

Insomnia and Hormone Levels

Women meanwhile can sometimes be susceptible to insomnia during peak times of their lifelong hormonal cycle such as menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. While the idea of too much bright light at night or in the early morning, if improperly blocked, is a well-known causal link to transient insomnia, less celebrated is the reverse. It has been found for example that patients in nursing homes who get insufficient amounts of daylight during the day can sometimes, as a result, have trouble sleeping at night. Their metabolisms have not been sufficiently stimulated in that way during the daylight hour’s cycle. Too much nicotine, caffeine and other stimulants can also bring about temporary sleep problems.

Chronic Insomnia

In some cases, the onset of transient insomnia can turn out to be a gateway to chronic insomnia. Sometimes, tragic circumstances involving a love one are involved; in other cases, it is part of something like the ongoing global recession. But usually, such a persistence and progression of insomnia involves some sort of traumatic personal or professional event. The rate of insomnia varies generally from country to country, but can usually be pegged at between 25% and 33%.

Unfortunately, abetted perhaps by the onslaught of TV ads for drug products, sufferers of transient insomnia often fail to try the simplest of solutions, such as better, proper breathing or controlled meditation. Before they know it, the drugs they are taking can lead to other side effects, in some cases more unpleasant than the one that caused them to start taking the medication in the first place.



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