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Ways to Measure Productivity in the Workplace

ways-to-measure-productivity-in -the-workplace

Productivity is key to a company’s success, therefore knowing how smoothly and quickly your product line is running is very important. It is defined as the overall general output measured against a given number of input.

One of the biggest problems that managers face is knowing how to measure productivity throughout the company. Some companies come up with measuring systems or formulas to measure it, but identifying a reliable metric system for your company can prove to be a bit difficult.

Average Per Day

The first thing you want to do is figure out what your average productivity rate is per day. You can do this as a whole or as an average for every individual worker.

Then you must figure out what measuring system will work best for your company. There is not one basic formula to use as all companies are different. You can put the average weekly product number against the number of orders that the company receives. Is your product line able to keep up with the orders? Are they able to get orders filled in a timely matter?

Individual Output

Once you have figured out the best measuring system for your company you can use that system to come up with a total figure that each and every production worker should be making. This can be a way to measure their work capabilities and find out if they are keeping up with everyone else. Should you make a daily or weekly quota for each person?

These are a few things to take into consideration when trying to measure productivity. It may also be a good idea to collaborate with other department supervisors and have everyone come up with ideas for a company wide metric system. Try out some ideas and see which one you think will work best. You must be able to measure your productivity before you will be able to increase productivity.

Remember, the workforce within your company is the most valuable asset that your company has. The workforce is what fills your orders and brings money into the company. Keep the workforce happy and running smoothly with an efficient leadership and management team, and you will have a successful company.



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