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Ways to Tie a Scarf


You can transform your look from bohemian-chic or sophisticated depending on how you wear your scarf. There are so many ways to don a scarf, apart from simply draping them over your shoulders on around your neck.

The Headwrap

To wear your scarf around your head, simply lay your scarf on a flat surface and fold two opposite ends toward each other, forming a hexagonal shape. Next, roll both corners toward each other and place the center of the scarf on your forehead. Lastly, wrap the ends around the back of your head and tie securely.

The Jackie-O

Another popular way to wear your scarf and look sophisticated is to fold a large scarf into a triangle. Place the center of the scarf on the top part of your head, and tie the ends across your neck and tie the scarf behind your head.

Around Your Waist

A nice way to jazz up any classic outfit such as a little black dress is to fold and wrap your scarf as you would with a headwrap, but instead of placing the scarf on your forehead, tie it around your waist. You can place a belt over it to further add a little sophistication to your total look.

Scarf Blouse

You can also tie your scarf around your upper body so as to create a stylish top. Lay the scarf across your upper body and tie the two ends on top around your neck, in a halter neck fashion. The lower ends should be tied behind your waist to secure the bottom of the scarf. This is a great top to wear after a swim or when traipsing around a resort town.


Another simple way to wear your scarf is to roll it towards the center until it is thin enough to fit the belt loops of your pants or jeans. Then tie the ends in front or to the side.

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