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What Are Bathroom Sinks Made of?


If you are in the market for a new bathroom sink, there are many options available. What your sink is made of is one of your most important decisions. Each material has its strength and weakness, so make your choice based on the importance of each feature to your lifestyle.


An enamel sink is usually set over cast iron or steel.  Its best feature is that it is easy to clean. However, enameled cast iron can be easily chipped if you drop objects onto it. The damage exposes the iron or steel to the air and water, opening it up to rust.

Stainless Steel

This longtime favorite for the kitchen is now available for bathroom sinks as well. The plus is that it resists rusting, staining and other damage. There are various thicknesses available; the thicker sinks cost more but do not add much to durability.


Acrylic can give you a pretty sink that mimics the look of enamel. However, it can easily be scratched or burned by hair-styling tools, so it must be treated with care.


Also called vitreous china, porcelain is still used in bathrooms today. However, it is prone to being chipped or damaged.


Made from heat-resistant clay, these sinks resist staining. However, that benefit is far outweighed by the fact that they are prone to cracking and chipping.


This unusual choice for a bathroom sink material is a fragile one. Drop something sharp into a glass sink and it is likely to shatter. However, glass does resist staining and can be easy to clean.


Copper resists damage from items being dropped on it. Copper sinks are often styled by hand for a rustic look that fits certain decor themes.



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