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What Are Silk Wrap Nails?


If you are new to the artificial nail world or have simply been out of the loop for a while, don’t be alarmed when you realize that there are a whole host of options when it comes to selecting a type of nail. From acrylic to gel to silk wrap, there are different types of artificial nails at different prices and each with different pros and cons.

Application Process

Whether your nails are weak and damaged or strong and healthy, silk wrap nails are a great way to help strengthen the nail. During the silk wrap application process, an artificial silk reinforcement is applied to the nail. The pieces of silk are shaped to fit the fingernail and are then sealed. After the sealant dries, the silk wrap is buffed down to give a smooth and flawless looking fingernail.

Pros & Cons

Since the silk is a delicate and lightweight material, it is a great option of artificial nail to use if your nails are more on the brittle side. However, keep in mind that since it is such a lightweight and delicate material, it is also more fragile. Choosing to go with silk wrap nails over a more durable material, like acrylic, might not be a good idea if you are a more active individual, work with your hands, or participate in sports.
If you are searching for a more realistic looking nail, the silk wrap nail is a top contender. Its thin material helps to give the appearance of a more natural looking nail. Another added benefit of the silk wrap nail being thin is that the nail can breathe more easily.


The Mayo Clinic advises that a reputable and clean salon be used when getting your artificial nails applied and filled. Nail infections can happen having frequent nail appointments is one way to help prevent this. Nail infections typically occur when a gap develops between the artificial nail and the real nail. Moisture can get into the gap and this provides bacteria and fungus with a place to grow.

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