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What Are the Different Types of Diamond Cuts


The cut of a diamond is what gives the stone its brilliance and sparkle. It goes without saying how critical the cut is in providing a desirable finished product. The amount of light reflected in the diamond is what creates the brilliance, and the way the diamond is cut has the biggest effect on how the diamond catches and reacts to light. If a stone is cut too shallow, a portion of the will escape through the bottom. A cut that is too deep can allow light to escape out of the sides of its base. A skilled craftsman can transform a rough stone into a glimmering treasure using precision and detail.

Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle

These are the three main attributes in describing a perfect diamond and all require the skills involved in the cut. Brilliance as described above refers to the reflection of light. Fire pertains to the different colors of the spectrum that can be seen in the diamond. The sparkle can also be translated as “shimmer” and it is noticed as the diamond is moved around in light. A professionally cut diamond should emit a rainbow of glimmering colors as it bounces back the entering light.

Proportion and Symmetry

Proportion is a specific set of guidelines used in the cutting process. It takes into account the diamonds surface size, crown depth and angle, and the pavilion depth and angle. The angles of all facets as they relate to each other, is also included in the proportion factors. Each diamond shape whether it is round, oval, princess, etc., has its own guidelines on how it is cut, diamond shape should not be confused with diamond cut. Symmetry refers mainly to the facets in a diamond. This includes how well the facet edges are aligned with each other, how well facets on opposite sides align with each other, and the correlation between the crown facets and the pavilion facets.

The bottom line is that a properly cut diamond will reflect most of the entering light right back through the surface and provide a shimmering, colorful display.



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