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What Causes Strawberry Birthmarks?

What Causes Strawberry Birthmarks?


There is no known cause as to why many people are born with or develop strawberry birthmarks within the first few weeks of life.

What Are Strawberry Birthmarks?

Although one in ten babies will be born with this type of birthmark, also known as a vascular birthmark, researchers and scientists have been unable to determine the exact cause of these marks. Many people used to believe that the mother of a baby born with a strawberry birthmark ate or touched too many strawberries while pregnant. However, researchers now know that this is only an old wives’ tale. These strawberry birthmarks appear when an area exhibits a concentrated number of blood vessels. Since these areas have more blood vessels than the rest of the person’s body, they take on a red appearance. This type of birthmark is often called a strawberry because it is soft and sometimes resembles the shape of the fruit.

Where Do Strawberry Birthmarks Appear?

The most common areas for strawberry birthmarks to appear include the face, back, head, and chest. However, these marks can actually appear on any part of the body. In most cases, the red coloring associated with a strawberry birthmark will disappear by the time a person reaches ten years of age. Although the red coloring will disappear, any part of the birthmark that was raised will remain raised for the remainder of the person’s life. In a few rare cases, the coloring of the strawberry will darken with time instead of fading like the majority of these birthmarks.



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