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What Do Crocodiles Eat?



Crocodiles eat meat.

More Info: The world’s 13 species of crocodiles, and their wider-snouted cousins the alligators, are opportunist carnivores. That means they eat whatever meat is available, from trophy fish and birds to big game and even domesticated animals. On some occasions, they have even been known to eat humans.

How Crocodiles Hunt

Native to tropical regions on both hemispheres, crocodiles mostly eat fish. No chewing.  Just big swallows. When fish are scarce, however, or when other prey gets near, crocodiles will be fast to strike. They attack land animals or birds by quickly striking — often from an underwater position — then sinking to the bottom, often with a few disorienting barrel rolls. The food is then either eaten or saved for a hungrier time.

Crocodiles Eat Stones?

Crocodiles don’t just eat meat, though. They eat stones too. According to the Museum of Science in Miami, American crocodiles will eat rocks to aid in digestion. Since they never actually chew their food, only tear it, the rocks sit in the stomach to help crocodiles digest food. Some have suggested that the rocks could help in other ways, to improve agility underwater and to make them feel fuller during times when fish and other prey are at a minimum.



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