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What Do Owls Eat?


Owls are great hunters and feed on a variety of animals and reptiles. Mice, rats and skunks are preferred food sources for these birds. These birds will also feed on snakes, frogs, lizards, birds and insects.


Owls are nocturnal birds that often make a distinctive hooting sound. These birds hunt for prey at night, using their keen eyesight to make the kill. Owls are often known as a farmer’s best friend because they keep crop damaging rodent populations under control.


There are many different species of owls in the United States alone. Some of the most popular species are the Northern Spotted owl, the Screech owl and the Barred owl. All owls have feathers that help them fly silently at night. Owls are typically colored to match their surroundings. Barn owls are usually brown, while snowy owls are as white as snow.


An owl’s feet are one of the most useful hunting tools. Owls have talons or claws on their feet that help them grab prey quickly. Their feathers have a soft fringe that allows them to fly quietly and sneak up on their unsuspecting prey. Special digestive juices help owls digest the flesh of their prey but not bones and fur. After eating, owls cough up pellets with bones and fur inside.



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