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What Does a Washing Machine Weigh?



The average washing machine weighs around 175 pounds.

More Info: A washing machine’s weight can vary, depending on the brand, model, and age of the washing machine.

Which Weighs More an Older or Newer Model?

Older washing machines tend to weigh more than newer washing machines. This is due to the material and component changes to washing machines as they have evolved through the years.

Which Weighs More a Top-load Washer or a Front Load Washer?

Top-loader washing machines tend to be the lightest of machine types, while front-loader washing machines weigh the most.

Interesting Facts:

  • Washing machines use around 20 percent of the average water each household consumes every year.
  • In 1851, James King patented a hand washing machine that used a drum. This was the first instance of a “drum based” washing machine.
  • In 1908, Hurley Machine Company of Chicago, Illinois released the Thor. The Thor was invented by Alva J. Fisher and was the first electric powered washing machine.
  • Front-loader washing machines operate on a horizontal axis, while top-loader washing machines operate on a vertical axis.
  • Front-loader washing machines are more efficient. Front-loader washing machines are more efficient with their energy use and are better at cleaning clothes.




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