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What Does Integrated Dishwasher Mean?

what-does-integrated-dishwasher-meanTo integrate something is to make it part of a larger unit.  In the case of an integrated dishwasher, it is integrated into the existing surrounding cabinetry by making it look like it is part of the kitchen cabinetry rather than an appliance.  An integrated dishwasher is specially manufactured to hide controls and requires a special dishwasher panel provided by the cabinet company to finish the look.

Appliance Integration Is Common in European Design

Integrated appliances are popular in European kitchen designs giving the room a sleek and uniform look. This uniform look can help the smaller kitchens generally found in European homes appear larger as the visual line is not interrupted by a bulky stove and refrigerator that often have different textures and colors.  These appliances can appear to neatly tuck themselves away within the existing cabinetry when not in use.

Appliance Integration Is Gaining Popularity in North America

The modern North American kitchen design tends to focus on large, commercial appliances that are meant to be the focal point of the kitchen such as a sub-zero refrigerator or a professional grade stove.  In these cases, secondary appliances that are not the showpiece of the room are often integrated such as the dishwasher.



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