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What Is A Fertility Clinic?

What Is A Fertility Clinic?


A fertility clinic is a medical clinic that specifically treats the problem of infertility.

More Info: There are various ways of treating infertility and the choice of treatment will depend on the preliminary tests results, the medical histories of the couple, and the overall health of the couple seeking the fertility treatments[1].

Kinds of Fertility Services Available at Fertility Clinics

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is a form of Assisted Reproductive Technology or ART offered by fertility clinics that helps couples to conceive especially when the female has blocked fallopian tubes or when the male has a low sperm count.  It is considered as one of the most effective ART treatment by fertility doctors today with an estimated success rate of twenty-five percent per cycle.

The process of IVF begins by first treating the female with medications that induce the production of eggs, which once mature are extracted and fertilized with the male sperm in a clinic’s laboratory. Once the egg is fertilized after three to five days, the egg is placed inside the female body once more.

Surrogacy Selection, Egg Donor and Egg Freezing Programs

Some fertility clinics offer surrogacy selection services, wherein couples are assisted in finding a suitable surrogate, who will carry the baby, in place of the female mother. Similarly, fertility clinics also provide for the storage and freezing of sperms and eggs from donors or individuals who want to preserve such them for future use.

Fertility Evaluation and Sperm Evaluation 

Fertility clinics provide services wherein a series of tests and evaluations are made on either the male, female or both, to determine where the problem of infertility is coming from and understanding the actual conditions of the couple’s reproductive systems.



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