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What Is A Fertility Window?

What Is A Fertility Window?


The fertility window of a female is her fertile period, wherein which, if she engages in sexual intercourse with a male, could lead to possible conception and pregnancy.

How to Determine Your Fertility Window

There are several ways to determine your body’s fertility window in order to successfully conceive during such period. Among these methods are the basal body temperature method, the calendar method and the cervical mucus method[2].  It is also recommended that these methods be used simultaneously in order to determine for sure whether you are fertile or not.

The Basal Body Temperature Method

As its name suggests, the temperature of your body can determine when you fertile, as a guide to engaging in sexual activity in order to conceive.

According to this method, the basal temperature of your body changes after the ovulation period, and such temperature remains elevated until the time of the next menstrual cycle. Once you establish you body’s temperature pattern, you will be able to determine the best time to engage in sexual activity and in the same way, abstain from sexual activity if you are avoiding pregnancy.

The Calendar Method

The calendar method requires examining your menstrual cycle for at least eight months to one year in order to determine when exactly your fertile days are. The formula for the calendar method is as follows: subtract eighteen days from the length of your shortest cycle and the result will be the first day of your fertile period; next subtract eleven days from the length of your longest cycle, the result of which is the last day of your fertile period. The period between these first and last day is your fertility window.

The Cervical Mucus Method

Examining the consistency and color of your mucus also determines your fertility. According to this method, there is ovulation when the mucus is at its most wet, abundant, slippery, clear and stretchy, similar to the consistency and look of raw egg whites. By plotting down for eight to twelve months when your ovulation day occurs, you will be able to count backwards to five days before ovulation, which is the first day of your fertile period.



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