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What Is a Fertility Workup?

What Is a Fertility Workup?

A fertility workup consists of a series of tests for both men and women. Not all reproductive specialists perform all tests or perform them in the same order. Here are general guidelines of what to expect during a female fertility workup.

Women: Preliminary Tests

Medical History: Before any testing begins, your doctor will look for any clues in your medical history and habits that could be impeding the conception process including sexual habits and frequency, and menstrual cycles and history.

Ovulation Testing:Your doctor will likely instruct you to begin charting your menstrual cycles and ovulation with over the counter kits or by using the basal body temperature method.  Following your cycles for a few months can go a long way in helping your doctor to help you to conceive.

Cervical Mucus Tests: A test on cervical mucus post-coital can help your doctor to evaluate sperms ability to penetrate and survive within the cervical mucus.

Ultrasound Exams: Will give the doctor an indication if everything is healthy and normal at any particular time in your cycle.

Hormone Level Testing: Abnormal hormone levels are an indication of a problem that could be affecting your ability to conceive. The doctor will likely prescribe a variety of hormone testing as part of your fertility workup.

Women: Diagnostic Tests

Hysterosalpinogram: During this procedure, a liquid is injected into the uterus followed by an x-ray to ensure that the path through the fallopian tubes is clear for an egg to travel.

Laparoscopy: This procedure involved a small incision beneath the navel where the doctor will insert a scope to view the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes for any problems.

Endometrial Biopsy: In this procedure, a small amount of tissue is scraped from the endometrium. This test can determine a hormonal imbalance that can prevent a woman from sustaining a pregnancy.



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