What Is a Tall Tub Dishwasher?

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A tall tub dishwasher is a standard dishwashing machine, redesigned to have a more streamlined look and a roomier interior. A tall tub dishwasher is sometimes referred to as a super capacity model.

A Tall Tub Dishwasher Works Differently 

Regular dishwasher designs have two sets of jets, both located underneath each washing rack. In addition, a bottom reservoir is used to hold water and direct it to the appropriate racks when washing water is needed. This takes up space on the inside of the dishwasher. A tall tub dishwasher changes how the water is taken up and directed. In some designs, the bottom reservoir is decreased in size. Other models eliminate this altogether and use another method of directing the wash water to the dish racks. Because of this design change, there is more room on the interior of the dishwasher. It is actually possible to get a tall tub dishwasher with three washing racks. However, most models just add height to each of the two standard racks, allowing larger items to be placed inside comfortably.

Installation May Be More Challenging 

Tall tub dishwashers are new on the market. Because of this, expect to experience installation that is slightly more challenging. In addition, most repair companies are less familiar with the different mechanisms used on a tall tub dishwasher; you may have issues finding a qualified repairperson, should the machine malfunction. Most models are still made to standard external size specifications, but you might want to double check this, especially if you are replacing a standard dishwasher with a tall tub model.


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