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What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is an easy and cheap way for an individual or business to acquire a sales staff. Rather than hiring people full-time and-or on-site, this strategy relies on a freelance vendor relationship within which the vendor is awarded a commission for every relevant sales lead or product sale that they create.

Affiliate Marketing Beginnings

Since the establishment of the World Wide Web in the late 1990s, affiliate marketing has become one of the great business engines of the Internet. Especially for the area of marketing known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. More than ever, a company’s success depends on how well and how often it comes up within relevant search results at,,, and other sites.

SEO Affiliate Marketing

The explosive growth of SEO affiliate marketing has brought with it a great many empty promises. As a result, many individuals and companies now prefer to opt for an established affiliate marketing SEO company rather than an individual or newer entity. And rather than take a commission on the sale of products, SEO affiliate marketers are usually paid per verified sales lead, search engine rankings thresholds or through other target benchmarks.

Top Affiliate Marketing Companies

Top affiliate marketing companies are ranked by various watchdog and third-party organizations, all of which use different criteria. But in most cases, these top ten companies are by no means as well known as leaders in other corporate fields. As such, affiliate marketing companies are something of an invisible, stealth force, happily working in the shadow of their business clients.

For its ongoing ranking of top SEO affiliate marketing companies, questions asked by cover topics such as the needs analysis performed before the work was begun, the frequency of campaign status reports and how well the affiliate marketer adjusted the campaign as it progressed. Indeed, all manner of sales and content companies are now learning to adjust, in real-time, to the ongoing patterns of daily, hourly and even in some cases by-the-minute search engine use.



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