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What Is an Eyeliner Marker?


An eyeliner marker is eyeliner in liquid form contained inside a marker applicator with a thick tip, similar to that of a felt-tip marker. The eyeliner marker is a revolutionary product that has many benefits. Among them are, that it makes applying eyeliner easier as application is now more controlled; it also allows you to create a more dramatic and intense look with its wide marker tip and it is generally safer on the eyes because it allows you to control where the eyeliner product goes, avoiding the sensitive inner eye areas.

1. Easier Control and Application

Eyeliner marker products are easier to control and apply to the eyelids because of their pen applicator. Generally, eyeliner is applied by starting from the inner corner of the eyes, and moving outwards and upwards towards the outer corner of the eyes. This task is especially challenging when working with an eyeliner pencil, as some pencils are too thin and difficult to handle. Other eyeliner products meanwhile, require a brush applicator, which is similarly difficult to apply as well.

The eyeliner marker solves this problem by providing you with a pen that is slightly thicker than most eyeliner pencils and brushes, similar to those found in felt-tip markers. The thick tip of the eyeliner marker also provides for easier control and less smudging as you work towards lining your eyes, because of the excellent control the marker tip provides. This makes wearing eyeliner safer as well, as you do not risk accidentally applying the eyeliner product into the sensitive areas inside your eyes.

2. Provides More Definition

Another great advantage of using an eyeliner marker over other eyeliner products is that an eyeliner marker provides more definition because of the larger tip applicator it has. This means that you do not have to line your eyes several times or deliberately smudge your eyeliner to achieve an intense and dramatic look. Both methods have proven to be messy and can be disastrous if not done correctly. The eyeliner marker solves this problem because its thick applicator tip allows you to go over the eyelid only once, yet have that intense and dramatic lined look.



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