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What Is Cooperative Advertising?



Cooperative advertising involves designing ads for more than one merchant.

The concept of cooperative advertising is as old as the notion of advertising itself. Essentially designed to make reaching out to potential customers more affordable to smaller businesses, it designs ads that two or many more merchants can divide the cost for. One industry that makes repeated use of this approach is the consumer electronics sector. A particular computer or device will be advertised, with addresses and contact info for a whole list of stores where the item can be purchased. Each one of these stores pays, in return, for a portion of the advertisement.

Travel Industry Cooperation

Similarly, efforts to attract tourists to smaller towns often are anchored around online or print cooperative ads. Hotels, restaurants and local attractions all pitch in for a “Come to Our Beautiful City” type reach-out. In some cases, the individual businesses sharing in the cost of the ad are not mentioned by name. Rather, the premises is that if the ad is successful in attracting tourists to the destination, one and all small businesses will benefit.

Meanwhile, despite being named in 2009 by Forbes as one of the ten best tourism promotions worldwide ever created, the Wolverine State’s “Pure Michigan” winter travel enticement campaign had to be put on ice at the end of 2010 because of a lack of matching government funding. Though cooperative advertising was helping pay part of the bill, the rest was being provided by other funding avenues, until recession related cuts began taking a huge piece out of the allocated funds.

Cooperative Ad Brokers

Merchants seeking to get ad space in leading national newspapers such as The New York Times can do so through brokers. ADAA is one such program, offering a range of packages and prices that allow advertisers to get a piece of a full-age ad in the Grey Lady. Something that would otherwise be entirely unattainable. In the case of the Times package, the more ads per year an advertiser commits to take part in, the more the price-per-weekly-mention comes down.


Cooperative Advertising

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