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What Is Endometriosis Caused By?

What Is Endometriosis Caused By?


There is no known definitive cause of endometriosis though genetics may play a role.

Endometriosis is a condition in which a lining forms outside of the uterus, resulting in symptoms like abdominal pain, heavy menstrual periods, and could also result in infertility.  While there are several treatment methods including pharmaceutical and surgery options, the actual cause of endometriosis remains a mystery.

Genetics May Play a Role

While endometriosis could possibly be a condition that may have begun prior to a person’s birth, there are however, several possible theories, one being genetic.    Some studies have indicated that women whose sisters, mothers, and grandmothers have suffered from endometriosis are at a greater risk of developing the condition themselves.  [“New Genes Linked to Endometriosis.” WebMD]

The Immune System May Play a Role

There may also be a common link between the immune system and endometriosis insomuch that a faulty immune system fails to prevent endometrial growth, therefore making the body more vulnerable to the condition.  [“Endometriosis – Causes.” University of Maryland Medical Center]

Prior Surgeries May Play a Role

Endometrial cells can travel through the fallopian tubes during menstruation.  Heavy bleeding during menstruation can result in an excessive release of the endometrial cells through the fallopian tubes subsequently making its way to the uterine lining.  Endometrial cells traveling through the bloodstream as a result of certain surgeries like an episiotomy or cesarean section could also be a possible explanation of endometriosis, yet all of these explanations remain to be theories only resulting from conclusions drawn based on similarities found in varying cases of endometriosis.  [. “Endometriosis Causes.” eMedicinehealth]



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