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What Is Eyebrow Threading?


Eyebrow threading is an ancient technique for hair removal with origins in India and the Middle and Far East. Known as khite in Arabic, the simple method using nothing more than a cotton thread is growing in popularity in the West.

How Eyebrow Threading Works

Threading removes unwanted hair from any part of the face, including cheek and chin. The most common usage of threading is for eyebrows. A skilled practitioner uses a twisted cotton thread to grab hair at the follicle and quickly remove it. The method allows for precise shaping of the eyebrow with minimal discomfort.

Comparison of Hair Removal Techniques

Threading requires no chemicals, wax or disruption to the skin surface giving it advantages over other methods for hair removal. Threading is a natural method of hair removal which causing the least amount of damage to skin. There are potential side effects of eyebrow threading; ingrown hairs, redness and some discoloration.

Waxing requires the application of warm to hot wax on the surface of the skin. Some individuals have skin reactions including redness, blistering and discomfort which can last for hours after a wax application.

Depilatories remove hair effectively using a chemical solution, which normally has a strong odor which may linger after use. Skin may have an adverse reaction to the product which can leave discoloring or rashes.
Laser hair removal is very effective and lasts longer than any of the other treatments but is expensive and involves the use of laser rays.

Tweezing or plucking eyebrow hair is the closest method to threading, both involve plucking hair from the follicle. One of the main drawbacks to repeated tweezing and razoring is a regrowth of dark, thicker hair over time. Threading will eventually lead to a lessened regrowth with finer hair.

Using Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is growing in popularity. Spas and hair salons are hiring skilled practitioners and advertising this service widely. Be sure to pick an experienced individual who has received training in the art of threading.

The procedure takes about 15 minutes and will last from 2-4 weeks, depending on individual hair growth. An experienced threader will be able to shape eyebrows naturally. The sensation is very different from other forms of hair removal, and may require some getting used to. Many people report less pain and discomfort with threading adding to its advantages and popularity.



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