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What is FSM Treatment for Macular Degeneration?


FSM stands for Frequency Specific Microcurrent, which is created and transmitted onto a patient by means of a special machine.(1) Although FSM links back to the longstanding use of electricity and magnets to treat medical ailments, and was recently FDA approved, it can still be considered part of the broad category of “new age” medicine. During his seventh victorious Tour de France, American cyclist Lance Armstrong used FSM to help speed his recovery from muscle fatigue.(2)

The “Grand Dame” of FSM

The rising popularity of FSM among doctors who favor alternative treatment methods can be traced back to the efforts of Portland, Oregon chiropractor Carolyn McMakin.(3) It can only work on macular degeneration of the eye if some of the tissue at the center of the back of the eyeball, or “macula,” is still alive. If all of the tissue is dead, no amount of FSM can help.

It was McMakin who modernized the application of microcurrent technology of earlier 20th century pioneers such as Canadian Harold Van Gelder. As she passed her newfound knowledge to other doctors and health care providers, the practice spread. She also partnered on the manufacturing side with Precision Micro, which obtained the aforementioned FDA approval on a machine built to her specifications.

Sensitive Application Area

It takes a very skilled FSM practitioner to treat macular degeneration, as the eye area in general and retina in particular are high sensitive, critical areas. The best source of information about FSM remains Dr. McMakin’s official website.(4)

One of the best parts of her website is the online database of recommended FSM practitioners. AS with any new age method, there are people out there presenting themselves as experts who know in fact little about how to use it for macular degeneration or other ailments. She also offers links to more than a dozen scholarly articles about the use of FSM for various treatments.



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