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What Is Honed Travertine?



Honed travertine is travertine that has been filled and polished to a matte finish.

Travertine tile can be treated in a variety of finishes including sanded, honed, polished, wheel abraided, bush hammered, split face, and rock face.

When used in interior building applications, it is predominantly cut and treated  in four finishes-polished, honed, brushed, and tumbled.

Polished Travertine: Has a shiny surface resembling other natural stone finishes such as marble and granite.  Polished surfaces are achieved by impregnating the surface holes with a filler material such as grout, and grinding them to a smooth, flat finish.  These surfaces are less porous than travertine left untreated.

Honed Travertine: The most common travertine used in residential applications, honed travertine is impregnated with a filler material and polished until the surface is flat and smooth but not yet shiny.  This gives the surface a matte finish.

Brushed and Tumbled Travertine: These finishes leave the stone in a natural state and are commonly found on exterior building projects.




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