What Is Mesotherapy Cellulite Reduction?

Author: Arlene Connolly

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure to promote fat loss in which medications are injected into the mesodermal tissue under the skin.

The medications used in a mesotherapy treatment are chosen to improve the patient's circulation, repair collagen that has been damaged, and remove excess fat. Cellulite is targeted directly during treatment by injecting medication beneath the skin.  The procedure is performed weekly or biweekly, each session lasts about an hour, and patients can resume their usual activities afterwards. Black and blue marks are sometimes a minor complication, and they usually disappear within 7 to 10 days.

Mesotherapy is effective because it targets three characteristics of the condition that are treatable.  For a patient with Grade 1 cellulite, a yearly preventive mesotherapy treatment is recommended. Grade 2, which is the most common form, usually requires 10 to 15 sessions for total cellulite removal. (However, cellulite at this stage may be mild to severe, and some patients only need 3 to 5 sessions.) Grade 3 treatment is less predictable, but you can expect more than 20 mesotherapy sessions.

Why Mesotherapy Works

Originally, mesotherapy was used to relieve pain, but its cosmetic capabilities, including cellulite reduction, are quite popular in the United States. The process is quick and painless, and the results are quite impressive. This is especially true when the treatments are combined with other remedies, such as exercise and diet, and there are virtually no side effects.

Mesotherapy is beneficial because natural ingredients-such as homeopathic substances, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals-are used, or medications that are intended to treated the contributing causes of cellulite. To achieve the best results, the number of treatments needed vary from one patient to another, and they are based on the patient's underlying condition, the area affected by cellulite, and the expectations of the patient.

How Mesotherapy Is Used

Mesotherapy for cellulite reduction is used most frequently on the thighs and legs.  Because the byproducts of cellulite and excess fat are excreted through the liver and kidneys, the results of mesotherapy treatments appear gradually. In approximately 2 to 4 weeks, patients usually notice improvement in unevenness and dimpling.


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