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What Is Salt Pork?



Salt pork is the layer of fat cut from the pigs under-belly and sides.

Salt pork is similar to bacon but it is salt cured rather than smoked and is generally much fattier.

The most common usage of salt pork familiar to most is in the preparation of baked beans. Most commercial cans of baked beans come with the salt pork still intact.

How Much Sodium in Salt Pork?

There is nothing healthy about salt pork. In fact, just the opposite can be said. One cup of salt pork contains 1636.8 mg of sodium, which is roughly 68% of the daily allowance for total sodium intake. It contains a whopping 917 calories and provides 150% of the daily nutritional allowance for total fat. As a perspective point, a McDonald’s Big Mac contains 540 calories and 45% of the daily nutritional allowance for total fat.

Salt pork should be used as a flavoring and even then should be used sparingly.

Does Soaking Remove Salt?

People on sodium-restricted diets will often wash bacon, ham, and salt pork in an attempt to remove the salt. According to the USDA rinsing, washing, or even soaking salt pork in water does little to remove the salt and is not recommended.

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