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What Is Sheetrock?



Sheetrock is the trademarked brand name for gypsum wallboard or dry wall.

More Info: Sheetrock, gypsum wallboard, and dry wall have all become synonymous with one another. It is a popular building material that is constructed from gypsum, a very soft mineral, in addition to sand and water. These elements are combined and then are molded together and compressed between heavy paper pieces on either side.

History of Sheetrock

Sheetrock was invented in 1916, though it was not popular until the 1950s. Many of the houses that were built before the middle of the twentieth century were built with plaster. Often this process was time-consuming and required many steps, because the plaster needed to be supported by many lathes or strips of wood that had to be nailed into it. Because World War II caused shortages of many common building materials, builders began to look for alternatives to plaster. Sheetrock gained a reputation for being easy to install, and it eventually replaced plaster as the most popular wall and ceiling building material.

Benefits of Sheetrock

Sheetrock is lightweight and does not delay building or remodeling projects, as it is possible to paint it right after it is installed. Its lightweight feel is better overall for a home’s foundation and does not causes minimal structural wear and tear over time. Sheetrock also has some measure of fire resistance, which allows the occupants of a building or home more time to leave in the event of a fire.

Types of Sheetrock

There are several different types of sheetrock. Type X sheetrock adds increased fire resistance through the addition of volcanic glass such as perlite, and is a preferred type of sheetrock in buildings used for commercial purposes. In addition to fireproof sheetrock, there is also moisture-proof sheetrock, known as greenboard. This kind of sheetrock is best used in bathrooms, due to the amount of moisture generated by showers in these rooms. Soundproof sheetrock can be purchased, as well. This kind of sheetrock is called soundboard and can be installed in several layers to prevent the movement of sound waves between rooms. It is a good idea to use soundboard in apartments to prevent residents from disturbing one another.


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