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What Is the Definition of a Marketing Trend?


A marketing trend is a pattern of business behavior that becomes popular and mimicked after it is proven to be a cost-effective way to connect with paying customers. The sea of marketing trends is an ever-changing one, dictated in the 21st century by the lightning-fast ways in which the members of a customer base communicate with each other and articulate their individual product likes and dislikes.

Broad Philosophical Trends

Some of the most important marketing trends are broad, philosophical ones such as a company being truly transparent and honest with its customers. Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ handling of the iPhone 4 antenna reception problems is a perfect example of this approach. Although it would have been easy for the computer company to hide behind the historical success of the product, Jobs stepped back onto the podium, bluntly acknowledging the latest iteration problems and outlining steps the company was taking to correct the situation.

Social Media Trends

Another omnipresent marketing trend is a the importance of a company engaging its client base via the leading social networks Twitter and Facebook. It’s no longer a matter of simply opening up rote accounts on these services. Humor and creativity must come into play, and when bad word of mouth erupts on social networks, the business in question must immediately respond to limit the brand damage.

e-Wallet Trend

In parts of the world such as Scandinavia and Japan, the ways in which a cell phone is used as an e-wallet to instantly pay for everything from vending machine products to movie tickets is a well-established marketing trend. Experts keep predicting that this behavior will truly take hold in North America, but so far, Canada and the U.S. have lagged behind on the m-commerce front.


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