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What Is Your Greatest Weakness Response


Every human being has weaknesses, and the employer is very interested in finding out what weaknesses a prospective employee may have. The employer has a responsibility to the company to hire the best-qualified people; however, character flaws also play a huge part in the type of employee a person will be. The most talented employee can wreak havoc on a company, so the interviewer’s job is to find out much about the interviewee’s character.

Admit You Have a Weakness

Some job applicants go into the interview claiming to be perfect. This is not the best approach, and this strategy can definitely back fire. Everyone has some weakness, but the job candidate does not have to treat the interview like a confession session. It is best to identify a weakness that can also be looked at as a positive thing. For example, some people tend to be detail-oriented, and this quality can be good and bad. Acknowledging a weakness similar to this one will not sabotage your interview. Identify the weakness and tell the interviewer how you are working to overcome this weakness. This approach is highly effective in an interview. Your greatest weakness response should not take you out of the running for the job.

Sell Yourself

After hearing the weakness, the employer should not want to run for the hills. The job candidate should have the employer thinking that the candidate would still make an excellent employee. Unfortunately, many people go into an interview feeling that they must confess all. This is not the case at all. You do not want to lie, but you must cast yourself in a positive light. The employer should still want to hire you when the interview is over. No one can sell you to someone else better than you can sell yourself. It is up to you to draw attention to the wonderful qualities that you possess.

The Positives Should Outweigh the Negatives

A job candidate is selling a product. The product is you. It is important to know what you do well. Every job candidate must have a good grasp on the unique aspects about them that make them desirable as an employee, and it is up to them to sell this information about themselves.



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