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What Temperature Should Dishwasher Water Be Set?



Dishwasher water should be set at 140°F.

More Info: In order to tackle grease and effectively activate dishwasher soap the temperature of the water in a dishwasher should be set at 140°F. Many of today’s energy efficient dishwasher models including a booster heater which allows you to set your dishwasher water temperature to 120°F with the same results.

How Much Water Does a Dishwasher Use?

A standard dishwasher will use about 8 to 12 gallons of water. Dishwashers with the energy star label typically use 6 gallons or less. This may seem like a lot, but washing dishes by hand uses about 16 gallons of water. Hand washing dishes with running water will use even more water. Each new dishwasher will have a label detailing how much water it will use per load. Dishwashers are more economical to use and can result in significant savings on the water bill.

How Much Energy Does a Dishwasher Use?

On average, a typical dishwasher uses between 1,200 and 1,800 watts of electricity. Most of that energy, as much as 80%, goes to heating water. The remainder is used to pump water into and out of the dishwasher and to power the machine’s motor and fan. These circulate water and may be used during the drying process. Dishwashers typically dry their contents with the vestigial heat left over from the last hot rinse cycle. Newer, more energy efficient short-cycle models can significantly reduce the energy used to wash dishes.




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