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What to Include in the New Hire Welcome Packet


There are several documents that are standard and necessary to process a new employee such as tax forms, offer letter, position description, and salary terms, but there are additional documents that will help to avoid any confusion as to what you expect from your employees. Here are few pieces of information to add to the new hire welcome packet that will help to make the transition process smooth for all parties.

Attendance Policy

The attendance policy is the most important aspect of the new hire welcome packet.  This section needs to outline how many days can be missed and how many times he or she can be late.  Also, explain why it is important to show up for work on time everyday and how these good habits help both the employee and the employer.  Also, enforce consequences for absences and tardiness so that the new employee will take the policy seriously.

Harassment Policy

Also included in the new hire welcome packet should be the harassment policy.  Employees need to know what is expected of them as far as their relationship with other employees.  Strict guidelines outlining what is acceptable and not acceptable should be included.  In addition, new employees should be informed about what disciplinary actions are taken if a report of harassment is made.  Explain how a harassment-free work environment helps production and gives employees peace of mind.

Dress Code

Finally, employers should include a section about the dress code.  Even if a uniform is worn for the job, explain that shirts need to be tucked in and free of wrinkles.  Include any unacceptable items of clothing such as jeans with holes in them or shirts displaying explicit content.

A new hire welcome packet is a wonderful way to introduce the most recent addition to the team.  By including these important categories, you will facilitate the employee orientation process and create a better work environment in the future.



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