What Type of Doctor Treats Nail Fungus?

Author: Gabrielle Marks


The type of doctor that treats nail fungus is a dermatologist or a podiatrist.

Though your general practitioner can also treat a nail fungal infection, a dermatologist or a podiatrist specializes in conditions such as these.

What Does a Podiatrist Specialize In?

A doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM) is educated and trained at an accredited podiatric medical college, and is uniquely qualified to treat conditions of the foot and ankle. A podiatrist can further specialize in surgery, pediatrics, geriatrics, sports medicine, and biomechanics.

Reasons to Seek the Treatment from a Specialist

Direct Training-Seeking treatment from a specialist is beneficial especially in those cases that are not easily cured during the initial evaluation.

More Exposure- A specialist focusing on patients of a particular subset will encounter certain conditions more often than a general practitioner. This gives the specialist the advantage of experience and hands-on-knowledge.

Current with Technical Advances-A specialist is current on new techniques and technical advances that directly relate to their area of expertise. For example, a podiatrist will likely have exposure to new laser treatments that would not be available at a general practioner.


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