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What Type of Doctor Treats Warts?


Warts can be treated by dermatologists, family medicine doctors, internists, pediatricians and podiatrists. Warts may also be treated by nurses and physician’s assistants.

It is important to see any of these doctors or medical professionals about your warts because only they can diagnose if what you have is indeed a wart or if it is another type of skin growth that may be an indication of skin cancer or another disease, which can be potentially dangerous to your health.

What Is A Wart?

A wart is a type of skin growth caused by the wart virus, that causes the affected area or areas of the skin to grow faster than what is usual. The viral infection that causes warts is the human papilloma virus or HPV, and as such, the warts this virus causes are called “common warts”. These type of warts are spread through human contact or contact with a virus contaminated surface.

Common warts come in various forms and may appear in different parts of the body. They may appear as dome shaped warts on the fingers; or on the bottom of the feet which is known as plantar warts; flat or plane warts, which appear on the face or legs in clusters or large numbers; around and under the nails, which are known as periungal warts; or as singular, long stalks on the face, known as filiform warts.

The Treatment of Warts

When you decide to see a doctor or medical professional who treats warts, he or she may employ the following treatments: cryotherapy, retinoid creams, cantharidin and for severe cases, surgery.

Cryotherapy is the most common treatment to used to remove viral warts. Here, the wart is subjected to cold liquid in order to freeze the said wart, which results in its removal.  Meanwhile, creams such as retinoid cream may be prescribed, or cantharidin may be also be injected to lift the wart off the skin. More severe cases or warts require surgery, either incision or laser, for their effective removal.



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