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What Vitamins Work to Remove Age Spots?



Vitamin A has been found to be important to skin health and when added to creams as a retinoid can be an effective treatment for age spots.

More Info: Vitamin A is derived from preformed retinoids and provitamin cartenoids. It is the retinoid derivative of vitamin A that has been proven effective at benefiting some skin conditions.

Fact: Researchers at the University of Michigan conducted a study to evaluate the use of Retin-A topical cream, generally prescribed in the treatment of acne.  In a report in the New England Journal of Medicine, they confirmed that Retin-A is in fact effective at diminishing the appearance of age spots.

Fact: Retin-A increases skin’s sensitivity to the sun so it is important for anyone using it to use a sunblock and wear protective clothing to minimize sun exposure.

Fact: Retin-A is the manufacturer brand name containing the generic skin medication tretinoin.



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