What Year Was the Electric Clothes Dryer Invented?

Author: Mary Beth Benoit

The electric clothes dryer was invented in 1930 by J. Ross Moore.

More Info: Like many inventions, the clothes dryer evolved over a long period from a primitive barrel rolled over an open fire to the electronic marvels in use today. 

Source: Hedonic Quality Adjustment Methods For Clothes Dryers In the U.S. CPI". U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Clothes Dryer History Timeline

1799: The first primitive clothes dryer was invented in 1799 by a Frenchman named Pochon.  His invention, which he called a ventilator, consisted of a metal drum pierced with holes in which clothes were placed and rolled over an open fire. 

1892: In 1892, African American George Sampson received a patent for a similar device. 

1930-1936: It was in 1930 that J. Ross Moore developed the first electric clothes dryer.  In 1936, he patented both an electric and a gas version.

1937: The Hamilton Manufacturing Company purchases Moore's patent.

1938-1941: The Hamilton Manufacturing Company sells 6,000 clothes drying units.

1950's: More manufacturers have joined the marketplace producing clothes dryers including General Electric. Only ten percent of households can afford to own a dryer at an average $230 per unit, which according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics would average to about $1,600. In calendar year 2,000 dollars.  Through the decade the dryer evolved from a simple unit that blew hot air through a drum to include the moistureless dryer, a negative pressure system, and automatic dryness controls.

1960's: The permanent press cycle was introduced.

1970's: A starter for the gas dryer, an air condensation dryer, and the time drying cycle are introduced.

1980's: The delayed start timer, and the dehumidification dryer are introduced.


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